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Brooklyn, NY - For this exhibition Dream Box continues to show the works of six photographers who work in different fields of photography. Curated by Juliana Leandra, produced by Juliana Moura and Amanda Rodrigues, and art directed by Paulo Sabatini, Subject Matters III will be presented at Double 6 Studio on the weekend of July 30 - 31, 2016, with an opening reception on Saturday, July 30, from 5PM - 9PM.

Being the third in a series of four editions, the photographers exhibiting their personal projects are Benjamin Shapiro, Clarissa Steed, Eliseu Cavalcante, Flora Hanitijo, Layla Motta and Leandro Viana. While coming from distinct backgrounds and being highly prized professionals playing a key part in their careers, these photographers are encouraged to showcase the works they chose to create of their own accord in Subject Matters III.

Subject Matters III Exhibition

Artists: Benjamin Shapiro, Clarissa Steed, Eliseu Cavalcante, Flora Hanitijo, Layla Motta and Leandro Viana

Curator: Juliana Leandra

Producer: Juliana Moura and Amanda Rodrigues

Art Direction: Paulo Sabatini

Concept: Dream Box

Duration: July 30 - 31

Opening Reception: July 30 from 5PM - 9PM

Location: Double 6 Studio

66 Green Street

Brooklyn, NY 11222