Life beyond the amazon rainforest

Natutama, which means "The world under water" in Ticuna, a language spoken by approximately 40,000 people in Brazil, Peru and Colombia. I travelled around 2,500 miles by riverboat, journeying down the length of the Amazon River and its tributaries, and documented the life of the people who live on its banks.

This photo project wasn't developed in a journalistic nature, but a visual experience of a different Amazon than most people imagine, specifically when you add the human element. The way people trade there is fascinating, with processed foods reaching remote areas and merchants tying boats together at night to literally throw their wares across the vessels.

The photo selection is divided by sections, showing images from specific places and moments that dragged my eyes to.


The expedition started on the left side of the of the map and ended on the right side


Port of Yurimaguas, peru


When fish Arrives in iquitos, peru


Life on boat Hammocks