Social media: During the trip (locations where internet signal is available) I will be posting updates with photos, text and videos on: Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Medium and Twitter with a suitable photography hashtag list. Natura will be posting on their social media and blog as well.

Blogs and Magazines: Within my personal contacts, I am going to pitch the project/essay to related blogs and magazines in the U.S and Brazil, such as: The New York Times Lens Blog, AP, The Guardian, Univision and Fusion, where I have contacts.

Mailing List: Working in a high-end gallery in TriBeCa in New York for the past 5 years I was able to meet and build relationships with the most influential people in Brazil, as well as well-known organizations, artists and designers in New York. Also, there will be an online form where people can sign up for updates. Mailing list includes: 70 galleries in New York, 130 environmental related names, over 700 personal/business contacts, 30 magazines, 64 art related contacts as of June 2016

Awards: With the completed body of work, I am going to apply for the following awards: Oskar Barnack, The Pulitzer Prize for Photography, National Geographic Photo Contest, The National Newspaper Awards, The British Photographic Portrait Prize, TPOTY, Terry O’Neill Photography Award, The Monochrome Photography Awards, The Hamdan International Photography Award.

Exhibition: For this project, my plan is not to have my photos framed in a conventional way with regular frames, but to use textures and shapes that I will see during the expedition such as fishing nets, leaves, crates, etc. Also, I want to play with projections and sounds. It's still in development. 10% of any sale from this project goes towards an organization or individual related to the subject. 

Presentation: The intention is to bring people closer to the project to make them feel a part of it, fascinating the audience while they hear about the experience from the artist himself, with a mixture of video, slideshow, prints and printed materials.

Printed Material: For each event there will be postcards or/and brochures explaining the project with photos and text.