The process will be divided between photos and videos. Around 45 days of images, videos and sound will be collected. Once a week I'll write a short update, posting photos and short videos on my website and social media (Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Medium, and Twitter).

- Sounds: I'll record ambient sound, voices, and noises to use in combination with the photos. I want to transmit the feeling of being there and make people to feel closer to the situation by being able to see and hear exactly what I was while taking those photographs.

- Photos: The line of work will be in a mixture between landscape, portraiture and documentary, which focuses on the life of people living alongside the Amazon river.

- Videos: I want to produce a short video in an artistic way, recording landscape, textures and movement. I'd like to do a time lapse of some specific parts of the expedition. The intention is to mix the video with final photographs for presentation.

- Diary:  I am going to write important facts of the day, ensuring every photo has a story behind it. The idea is to have more content for articles on magazines and blogs.